Cell-based quantitative HTS drug screening platform

New innovative technology and parameters for drug assessment
in physiological setting.


HTS label-free
drug screening platform.

Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are manifested in cell motility and contractility, both linked to irregular forces exerted by the cells. To address this, we have developed a high-content
in-vitro drug screening platform
for studying mechanical diseases (triggered by abnormal cellular force generation) by measuring contractility as a new drug assessment marker.

 Our cell-based technology can quantify tiny cellular forces and cell migration in a single measurement. Using AI, this is done in a high-throughput and label-free manner. It provides real-time insight at the single cell level.

AI Driven →


Increases efficacy

Our assay is simple, quantitative, AI driven and

It generates reliable data that increases efficacy and the probability of success for drug discovery & development.


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Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary, talented and innovative research team from the University of Glasgow, comprised of experts from biomedical engineering, probabilistic machine learning and data analysis as well advisors from oncology and cardiovascular.

Prof. Nikolaj Gadegaard


He has pioneered the use of micro- and nano patterned materials for biological applications.

Dr. Bjørn Sand Jensen


Bjørn is working in the interdisciplinary field of probabilistic machine learning  and data analysis.

Dr. Badri L Aekbote

Co-Founder & CEO

Expert in microfabrication and mechanobiology with 10+ years of multidisciplinary experience.

Prof. Godfrey Smith

Cardiovascular Advisor

Examines the subcellular processes involved in cardiac muscle using biophysical techniques. An expert in cardiac physiology.

Prof. Laura M Machesky

Cancer Advisor

Leads the Migration, Invasion and Metastasis research group, an expert in Cancer research.

Force Biology.

Learn more about our project and our plans for improving preclinical drug screening.

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